About Fabienne Llorca-Polinelli

FabienneFabienne was born in Paris and well-heeled from a young age. Her interest in fashion started with dressing Barbie and soon developed into a passion. She has experimented with styles from the 1920's to current trends and believes it is important to understand and develop your
own personal style so as not be a slave to fashion.

Yves Saint Laurent famously confirmed that, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” To Fabienne, nothing rings truer than this.

Fabienne has worked in fashion eventing, makeup, styling and retail for over 20 years. She has styled for hair shows, boutique fashion parades and STYLE-AID.

She openly admits that she is inspired by the classics and believes that Chanel, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent have had the most influence on designers around the world. Her personal mantra of believing in style therapy over retail therapy and favoring quality over quantity has ensured that her clients have a real sense of what works for them - not a wardrobe full of wrong purchases.

Fabienne is as honest and fun with her clients as you could ever hope for. She believes that, “tents are for camping and should never be worn as an outfit”. The challenge of working through a client’s fashion rut is her favourite dilemma to solve. Although, getting women out of black and into colours gets her very excited as well. She is energetic and tireless in her pursuit to ensure that you’re  confident with your dressing and feeling good.

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